Rutland Bowlerama Presents:
The Northeast's 48th Annual
Green Mountain Open Tournament

Green Mountain Open logo

Rutland Bowlerama has been the home of Green Mountain Open since 1972. This annual USBC-sanctioned event will start February 18, 2022 and run until May 8, 2022. Featuring re-entry teams, doubles and singles events which are open throughout the tournament (subject to lane availability) PLEASE GO TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGES, "RUTLAND BOWLERAMA" OR "RUTLAND BOWLERAMA AND TEN PIN LOUNGE FOR ALL ENTRY FORMS AND VERIFICATION FORMS! THEY CAN ALL BE DOWNLOADED FROM THE LINKS ON THE POSTS PINNED TO THE TOP OF BOTH PAGES. iF YOU HAVE TROHBLE WITH THIS, PLEASE CALL US AT 802-773-7707 AND ASK FOR TOM OR JON. THANK YOU!



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